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Anonymous asked:

Caskett number 35 (last one, sorry!)


35 - Hold my hand

"If you’re scared, you can always hold my hand." He jokes, extending his hand in her direction. She stares at it for a beat and then rolls her eyes, grabbing it. She ignores the grin on his face while she settles her head on his shoulder and he presses start on the remote. 

She’s not sure how he convinced her to do an all day marathon of scary movies on Easter of all days. It’s not like she has genuine fear for anything that they’ll watch, but it doesn’t stop her head from curling into his shoulder every time someone gets a limb chopped off.

He squeezes her hand as another cast member of the movie is murdered and she tilts her head toward him. “Next easter,” she murmurs quietly. “We better be watching something more family friendly.”

Rick turns to her, confusion across his features and he opens his mouth to speak, though he opens and shuts it dumbly for a few moments. “Why would we watch family friendly movies?”

Kate says nothing, just curls back into his shoulder and watches as the machete pierces through skin and a limb is gone. Her stomach turns slightly at the grossness. It’s not until two movies later when her insinuation sets in, but his reaction is absolutely priceless.

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